Bed and Breakfast

Alter Schlachthof - B&B

Brixen | Italy
Utilisation concept
Interior Design
Object Design

construction management arch. Jörn Hendrik Liebich (Studio Liebich)

In accordance with the owner we decided for the attic of the "Alter Schlachthof Restaurant" to be transformed into a B&B to welcome new guests in the house and in the city and to underline the international flair. The rooms are designed as boxes, a fact that was chosen because the building is listed as a protected structure but also to stress the typically short stays in a B&B. The furnishing was designed accordingly, slightly more rustic. It emphasises the ambiance and is a logic consequence of the concept. The rooms are partially accessible by a bridge running on the old beams because they are an important feature of the old roof structure. The elevated sleeping level of the rooms made it possible to preserve the beams. The materials have the character of transport boxes which corresponds to the idea of converting the existing structure. Just some small accessories like cushions, lamps and the colour scheme relate to the comfortable feeling to be at home.

Ingrid Heiss