Green Pelikan Hotel

Munich | Germany
Low budget Hotel
Interior Design

The task was to develop a new brand and naming for a low-budget hotel chain in Munich. The self-imposed goal was to reduce the furnishings to a minimum and still not forego comfort. Since people who stay in a low-budget hotel usually do not spend the whole day in their room, we assumed that restful sleep is more important. Therefore, we wanted to develop a simple system for all open furniture such as wardrobes, desks, and bathroom furniture, saving on manufacturing and assembly costs. Thus, making it possible for the client to spend more on mattresses, pillows, and blankets. A quality mattress was included in the budget, as well as the possibility for the guests to choose different pillows.

The beds are equipped with rotating side panels to offer guests enough privacy while sleeping, even in smaller rooms.

The low budget did not allow for high-quality fabrics and decorative elements. So, to avoid a bare and uncomfortable atmosphere and create a pleasant ambience, plants printed on wallpaper combined with real plants were integrated into the lobby. The green accents of the lobby also inspired us to come up with the name "Green Pelikan Hotel".