I grew up in South Tyrol and studied architecture in Vienna after graduating from the art lyceum. After spending some time in the USA and Spain, I worked in Vienna for a while until I decided to move to Barcelona in 2013. There, I completed a postgraduate program in "Interior Design for Hotels and Gastronomy" at the Elisava Design University.

However, after a longer period abroad, I felt drawn back to my homeland. My first step was the "Alter Schlachthof" project in Brixen, and I started to focus more on interior design. Today, I consider myself a creative link between architecture, interior design, and design. My emphasis is on the architectural and interior design of existing or newly planned hotels, restaurants, bars, vacation homes, and private residences, including concept development for the revitalization of neglected building structures.

My passion lies in revitalizing existing spaces and adapting them to the needs of modern times. I strive to create a distinctive harmony through the perfect integration of spatial design and design. It's not just about creating something new; it's also about aligning interior and exterior spaces.

For me, every project is not about "copy and paste." The foundation of my work is to understand what the inhabitants or owners desire and need, what is best for the specific building, and how it can be most effectively implemented. Based on that, I develop ideas that can range from simple and straightforward to colorful and extravagant. The focus is always on the wishes and interests of my clients.

Through a sensitive balance of space, form, material, color, and light, a tailored overall concept is created. To achieve the best holistic result for my clients, I find it important to coordinate every detail, including tableware and decoration, and, if necessary, also consider graphic elements such as websites and logos. I work closely with architects, graphic designers, and craftsmen to ensure that the overall concept is executed to its fullest potential.