After completing my architecture studies in Vienna and spending some time in an architectural firm in the same city, I decided to pursue my great passion for interior design. I completed the postgraduate program "Interior Design for Hotels and Gastronomy" at ELISAVA in Barcelona and then returned to South Tyrol to start my own office there. Since then, I have been working as an interior designer on a variety of projects, including gastronomy and hospitality, private residences, retail spaces, and tasting areas.


For me, every project begins with two essential points: first, who am I planning for, and second, where is the project located and what is the exterior building envelope like. Each project is unique, and the outcome varies depending on the location and the needs of the residents or owners. My main goal is to develop a thoughtful overall concept where all spaces, materials, surfaces, lighting points, natural light and artificial light, acoustics, etc., are carefully coordinated and run like a common thread throughout the building. My approach is not to stamp every project with my personal mark or to fit it into a specific category. Each project can be unique, but it is important to me to evoke a certain feeling when entering the spaces. For example, an apartment should reflect the character of its residents and convey a sense of coziness upon entering. Even with bars or other public spaces, my work is based on a thoughtful concept aimed at providing guests with a specific experience. Many factors play a role in this, starting with the layout development, which is based on my background in architecture. In some projects, I am responsible for developing the layout, while in others, it is a collaborative process with architects who focus on the exterior design. The arrangement of walls, furniture, and lighting points is crucial to achieving a harmonious overall picture later on. This is followed by the careful selection of materials. Even subtle color nuances can make a big difference, and the right choice of fabrics, types of wood, and the combination of various materials can achieve a wonderful result. This also includes custom furniture design and attention to details, which are of particular importance to me. Thorough planning and thoughtful details play a crucial role, especially in the field of interior design, in achieving an excellent end product.


Building and furnishing are complex topics, and in today's world, it is often difficult to focus equally on both aspects with the same depth of detail. Therefore, when the project requires it, I often work in teams with other architects. In our joint office in Eppan, I work as an interior designer alongside two architects, Abraham Bonora, and a lighting designer. This constellation enables us to provide optimal support to our clients. My designs are always individual and unique, as I am always eager to try out new materials and find creative solutions. Despite the most careful planning and drawings, the implementation of my ideas always requires a dedicated team of craftsmen. I value the constant exchange with the craftsmen, with whom we have often been working for many years. Only through good cooperation among all parties involved in a project can we achieve the best results.