retail space/tasting room

Interior design wineyard Zemmer

Kurtinig | Italy
interior design

In collaboration with Architect Lukas Sölva

The interior design of the Zemmer winery continues the architecture of the building. The black color of the base, which is already visible on the outside, extends into the glass facade and the interior of the building. Black wood is one of the main materials used inside. A dark, seamless floor and a black acoustic ceiling complement the interior design. Subtle brass elements emphasize the quality of the wines. On the ground floor, you'll find the tasting room, designed in a minimalist style. It consists only of a sales and tasting counter or table, allowing the architecture to speak for itself. The bottles, as the centerpiece of the winery, hang in front of large backlit surfaces in specially designed holders from the ceiling, emphasizing the quality of the product.

On the upper floor, the tasting room extends across two levels. Large tables made of dark wood form the centerpiece of this space. The levels extend far into the room over the barrique barrels, creating a feeling of being right in the midst of the action. Multifunctional furniture, which includes integrated TVs, refrigerators, and sinks, provides the room with the necessary functionality, serving as both a tasting room and a meeting space for the winery.