New Winery Building

winery Zemmer

Kurtinig | Italy

collaboration with Architect Lukas Sölva

The expansion of the Zemmer winery resulted from a successful competition, in collaboration with the architect Lukas Sölva. Our goal was to create an extension that seamlessly integrates with the existing building, particularly the old barrel cellar, while harmoniously blending into the streetscape. At the same time, it should be an integral part of the entire winery complex where deliveries and sales take place.

In our design, it was important to us to create a structure that discreetly fits into the already existing framework, without losing its uniqueness and individual character. The lower part of the new building houses the tasting room and the new barrel cellar. Due to the high water table in this area, these rooms couldn't be placed underground. Nevertheless, we deliberately refrained from extensive window openings to preserve the cellar's character.

The tasting area on the upper floor extends deep into the barrel cellar, with the use of only natural light sources. This creates a special atmosphere and a unique experience when entering the room. The storage area, also located on the first floor, is designed without window openings and is clad in textured concrete to emphasize the quality of the wines. The base of the building is in black to complement the colors of the Zemmer winery.

Jürgen Eheim