Bar 62

Tramin | Italy
Interior design
Object design

Bar 62 is part of the Traminerhof hotel.

The focus on the communication between staff, guests and locals was pivotal for the concept and floor plan of the bar.

Therefore, you will not find a classic bar counter separating visitors from the bartender, but three large, free-standing wooden tables surrounded by stools. The area is deliberately kept open towards the entrance so that a visit to the bar feels more like a visit to a friend’s place.

The open floor plan was retained. A separate color concept meant that no spatial separation was necessary. The bar clearly stands out from the design of the rest of the hotel area, but still fits in with the overall image of the hotel. Glasses, crockery and decorative items were coordinated with the concept and give the bar a uniform and pleasant appearance.

Jürgen Eheim / Tiberio Sorvillo