Distillery | Tasting room

Distillery St. Urban

Girlan | Italy
Interior Design

The St. Urban Distillery is a family-run business that produces high-quality spirits. The quality of the products should be reflected in the interior design. The building envisions a connection between the working area and the tasting area, separated by a glass wall, allowing observers to witness the production process. The copper still naturally takes center stage. This connection between the two areas should also be maintained in the interior design, from the floor, ceiling, to the lighting, extending from the tasting area to the working area.

The tasting room is designed to mirror the quality of the products, with the use of high-quality and elegant materials. The product display area is crafted from copper and copper mesh, referencing the material involved in the distillation process and its elegance. The tables are made of solid steel with rounded ends, echoing the shape of the still. Subtle room lighting and special lights above the tables complete the interior design.

J├╝rgen Eheim