Im Zeitlauf

Kaltern | Italy
Interior Design
Furniture Design

Architecture: AbrahamBonora Architekten

The farm Im Zeitlauf is located in South Tyrol. It is a new interpretation of the area’s traditional farm holiday. The floor plans and the form of the building are a complete reinterpretation of the olden-day scheme of working and living on a farm. An important guiding principle while planning the farm’s architecture and interior design, was the idea of working and living according to the passage of time: the time of day, the time of year, the change between day and night and the change of seasons.

This principle also inspired the farm’s name: Im Zeitlauf, German for "in the course of time". The units of time mentioned above paired with the colorful natural setting should be perceived in the architecture. Aware of a nature-oriented approach, many materials from the surroundings were used in the interior and exterior.

Nevertheless, a reinterpretation was at the core of the design process and is reflected in the architecture, above all in the building and floor plans. In the interior design, the reinterpretation of ideas was implemented through foiled glass, which breaks with tradition and represents the modern part of the project. Alternatively, the glass reflects time passing and the play of colors in nature, and brings this daily-changing colorfulness into the rooms of the holiday guests in a special way.

Jürgen Eheim