Holiday apartments


Kaltern | Italy
Interior Design

In collaboration with AbrahamBonora architects

Best project on archilovers 2021


The detached old building needed a core renovation as it was run down and had been unoccupied for some time.

From the beginning, we were impressed by the beauty of this old building. We wanted to restore it to its former glory, both inside and out.

Today, the renovated old building contains the Bar Perlage on the ground floor, as well as three holiday flats, one on each floor.

On the ground floor, as you walk past the bar, an aperitif is offered instead of breakfast, thus replacing the Bed & Breakfast concept with a Bed & Drinks twist.

The two flats on the 1st and 2nd floor do not have outdoor areas. Upon entering the flats, however, one is greeted by a landscape room reminiscent of an interior loggia. Floral wallpaper, potted plants, garden furniture and monkeys hanging from the ceiling reinforce the impression of an indoor/outdoor area.  A wood and glass wall, familiar from loggia partitions in the past, connects the entrance with the living area. At the same time, the partition offers the possibility of extending the flat with an additional sleeping area. Curtains on two sides provide the necessary privacy.

Likewise, the actual bedroom can be opened or closed, thus offering guests the possibility to change the actual floor plan according to their needs.

Due to the central location, in the middle of Kaltern, the kitchen was deliberately kept small but still offers everything necessary. Another special feature of the flats are the wall and floor tiles, which extend into the shower thanks to the specially designed tile pattern and its matching colour combination.

In cooperation with the graphic design studio, the history of the house, the tailor, and his wife was integrated into the interior design and can be found through texts and words printed in the room and on the light fixtures.

J├╝rgen Eheim